Far Point is proud to work with SureTax Telecom, powered by CCH, the most powerful name in taxation content, is paving the way as an industry leader in on-demand sales, use and transaction tax calculation solutions. SureTax delivers the most robust, real-time, and accurate tax calculations designed to support the complex world of Telecommunications.

Dynamic and Complete Taxability Content
The SureTax Telecom system is delivered as a SaaS “cloud computing” technology that enables businesses of any size to be rapidly up and running with robust tax calculations.

The SureTax calculation engine utilizes industry-leading tax rates and taxability content with highly accurate jurisdiction boundary information that includes sophisticated logic capable of supporting the most complex sourcing and tax calculation rules found in telecommunications.

Our team has been serving the Telecom market for decades and understands the nuances of transaction tax on Telecom services – including Traditional Long Distance, Local, Mobile, VoIP, Prepaid, Cable, Bundled Services, Internet, and Digital Goods. We understand the specialty rules that must be managed for proper tax calculations including:

  • Correct situs determination
  • Unit-based fees with tiered or “sliding scale” rates
  • Tax-included calculations for prepaid offerings
  • Bundled services
  • Multiple termination point services
  • Decisions for Internet based services
  • Exemptions and non-taxable services
  • “Tax on tax” calculations

Comprehensive, Flexible, and Cost Efficient
For years, large, enterprise level companies have enjoyed the power of best in class tax rules with CCH content. Now, through the SureTax on-demand SaaS tax calculation solution, telecom companies of all sizes can rest assured knowing that their tax calculations are driven by top level tax researchers who specialize in the nuances of telecom.

With SureTax, no burdensome hardware or software installations are required. Our easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration to billing, ERP, and e-commerce systems of all sizes.

We offer several flexible pricing plans, from a simple flat monthly fee to the flexibility of a nominal charge per transaction that ensures the best rate as you grow.

Some of the benefits of the SureTax solution includes:

  • Designed to meet the specific demands of Telecom taxation
  • “Real-time” web or batch file calculations
  • The most robust and complete tax content
  • Web based “cloud computing” SaaS requiring no software or hardware installs
  • Aggregated data for reconciliation and compliance
  • Integration into a wide variety of applications
  • Robust reports
  • Granular, non-taxable and exemption handling

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