Simulation and Testing Tools

Simulation and Testing Tools for Diverse Infrastructures

Far Point has developed several simulation and testing solutions that provide the ability to rapidly process large sets of data transactions in a simulated production environments. These tools assist in analyzing the effects of various scenarios (e.g. transaction load, speed/throughput, and contention) that routinely occur in a local, networked or in a cloud computing infrastructures.

By utilizing the Far Point simulation and testing tools, you are able to:
• Validate the integrity of your system against a known set of transactions
• Measure the performance of the system in a simulated production environment
• Analyze specific outcomes to particular processing situations

ILUMA™ for High Transaction Loads

ILUMA (IFSF Logical Utility Message Analyzer), our proprietary scripted and ad-hoc testing solution, enables users to simulate high transaction loads against our OLTP server products.

Features and Benefits of ILUMA:
• Provides a graphical user interface for adjusting the parameters of each test scenario
• Displays a graphical output screen that tracks the measured performance of the targeted system
• Allows transactions to be run on multiple machines on a network simultaneously in order to simulate very high workloads
• Allows transaction structures to be managed via a table-driven tree view, which allows for easy editing of formats as data sets and requirements change.
• Connectivity via TCP/IP, serial ports or other service links.

In addition, as part of our participation in the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF), we have developed a sophisticated testing and certification tool for the use of equipment manufacturers in testing their products for compliance with the IFSF standards for POS to EPS connectivity.

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