Data and Transaction Processing Systems

Custom Data and Transaction Processing Systems

Now more than ever, businesses require the means to quickly process various data transactions and facilitate the smooth flow of data throughout business enterprises in order to facilitate customer requests and ensure timely responses to suppliers and partners.

Far Point has a vast amount of experience developing high performance, ultra-reliable, secure transaction processing systems. Our Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications are designed to rapidly process immense amounts of data while at the same time allowing these processes to be customized for specific client needs.

Far Reaching Possibilities for High Performance Systems

With the ever increasing dependence on online systems to handle all aspects of business processes, our high performance systems have broad application in fields such as:

  • Payment Processing
  • Stock Trading
  • Social Media
  • Insurance or Healthcare Claims Processing
  • Online Voting Systems
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Transaction Tax Calculation Systems
  • Online Gaming
  • And a wide variety of other platforms.

We have recently engineered improvements to overall data processing speed which has taken our OLTP solutions to an unprecedented level of performance referred to as Extreme Transaction Processing.

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