Smart Card Solutions

Smart Card Solutions that Streamlined Processes

The proprietary Far Point SmartGift™ product is a cost-effective solution to the typical problems faced by retailers when issuing, tracking and redeeming traditional paper-based coupons, gift certificates or store credits. With its embedded integrated circuit, this innovative “smart card” can replace the usual paper coupon. A variety of reader devices can be used both to issue the SmartGift™ card and to deduct value from it, making integration into a retailer’s existing operation straightforward.
Far Point has created countless loyalty and rewards solutions for industry giants such as Holiday Companies (petroleum industry) and Carlson Marketing Group (for TGI Friday’s Gold Points Program).

Trade/Barter Solutions

Far Point is currently in the early development stages of a customized payment processing system for the Barter industry that will allow member Trade Exchanges to instantly use “trade dollars” (or rewards points) within their merchants from one payment card and create a system for tracking and reporting.

Unlike a coupon that requires a merchant to immediately reduce the receipts collected at the register, the Trade industry uses “business dollars” or “trade dollars” that are similar to reward points or frequent flyer miles that do not require an instant reduction of price for the merchant. Trade dollars can be used to purchase goods/services within a voluntary, cooperative network of businesses, where each business can set their own ratio of exchanging real dollars for trade dollars.

By incorporating Far Point’s abilities, Trade Exchange clients can experience massive security platform and technology infrastructure improvements to their process. Far Point is in a unique position to expand our loyalty and barter offerings to thousands of merchants (B2B). Additionally, the combination of our proprietary technology and infrastructure with new payment processing solutions, we will enable new technologies to be created which would allow cutting edge payment solutions for millions of consumers (B2C).

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