Intelligent Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Software

Intelligent Point of Sale (POS) Terminal Software from the Experts

Nobody knows the platforms and delivery of Point of Sale (POS) terminal solutions better than Far Point. Our talented team has wide-ranging experience and intimate knowledge of software delivery and deployment for POS terminals by leading manufacturers including Ingenico, Hypercom, and VeriFone.

Far Point can customize the software used on many POS terminals to enable direct linking of purchases, inventory, and logistics within your enterprise. Real-time or summary information can be accessed via a web-enabled dashboard or mobile device.

Some of the custom POS terminal solutions we provide include:

  • Customized terminal software to capture additional information at the time of swipe
  • Integration custom payment gateways
  • Support of ISO’s and Merchant Account Providers
  • Interfacing with closed reward systems, loyalty systems or trade/barter exchanges
  • Signature verification and capture

POS Platforms

Far Point has experience in standalone, master-slave and multi-lane environments, as well as low level knowledge of peripheral device control and telecommunications systems, including RS232, RS485, BiSync and poll-select protocols, SNA, TCP-IP, X.25, cellular and VSAT interfaces, Frame Relay, etc.

Our extensive experience with programming and interfacing for a wide variety of different Card Payment Terminal systems includes:

  • VeriFone (OMNI 380, 490, 1450, 3300, 3750, Vx570, Mx830, Mx850)
  • Hypercom (ICE 6000, T4100)
  • Ingenico (DataCard 40 and 80 series, EnCounter 4000, Elite 510)
  • Bull (Banjo, Tango)
  • Keycorp (K22)
  • Intellect (8515)
  • Dione (ExChequer)
  • Butek (IC 3100)
  • Exadigm (Desk Mate)
  • Tillsmith (Allegro)
  • Schlumberger (MagIC 9000, MagIC 6000)
  • RDM Corporation (Synergy)

Additionally, our knowledge and experience with POS terminal software has allowed us to be commissioned by several terminal manufacturers to create or improve the Application Development Kits provided to their third party developers.

Cross Platform Compatibility

For addressing the issue of compatibility across various POS platforms, Far Point has developed RADICAL (Rapid Application Development in ‘C’ Advance Libraries). RADICAL is a set of utilities and application program interfaces (API) which encapsulates common POS terminal functions.

The RADICAL library provides two major benefits to Far Point :

  1. Rapid development. The RADICAL libraries are designed to abstract the interfaces from the physical hardware, providing a common API across multiple platforms.
  2. Cross platform compatibility. This architecture of RADICAL provides great flexibility as RADICAL based applications can be migrated to new terminals with reduced cost and effort.

Network Certifications

Far Point has developed POS terminal authorization interfaces with the following certification authorities:

  • MAPP / Global Payments Central
  • FDC Omaha
  • NDC / Global Payments East
  • Novus
  • CES / FDC North
  • ACI
  • AMEX (PIP)
  • SPS Payment Systems (ADS Chicago)
  • Alliance Data Systems (ADS Dallas)
  • Buypass / Concord EFS
  • VISANET / Vital Processing
  • NaBanco / FDC South
  • TeleCredit/EQUIFAX
  • First USA / PaymenTech
  • Nova