Payment Gateway Systems

If you’re searching for a solution that connects a point of sale, virtual (web-based) or mobile terminal device to a back-end processing system for secure transmission of payment, rewards, or other information, Far Point can help you realize that vision. We have considerable experience developing products that support Retail Automation and Electronic Banking, and have also developed sophisticated software techniques specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the Point of sale (POS) and payment processing industries.

A Streamlined Payment Gateway Solution

The Far Point Central Gateway Solution facilitates the authorization and batch settlement of card-based transactions. The system manages all interaction with Point of sale authorizers including protocol and message format parsing and conversion, PIN translation and multi-session communications handling as required.

For payment systems batch settlement, the Far Point Central Gateway solution does more than simply pass through requests from the POS system. The product fully takes on the role of an intermediate host and reconciles with the POS system directly. Batch settlement to the remote host processor then takes place from within the Central Gateway. The system can also provide local authorization for proprietary cards and will support positive or negative files for stand-in processing.

The Far Point Central Gateway System has interfaces to the following processors:

BCE Emergis (Canada)

  • Vital Processing
  • FDC South
  • Global Payments East
  • HSBC (UK)
  • HSBC (Macau)
  • Global Payments Central

Our Central Gateway solution architecture is designed to provide high levels of performance, scalability and fault tolerance. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from this intuitive solution.