Fuzzy Search Solution

Fuzzy Search Solution for Optimal Results

A “fuzzy” search is used when it is necessary to perform an approximate search that finds similar items in the search results. The search results may contain exact matches as well as other items that have something in common with the search criteria.

Far Point has developed a full-featured “fuzzy search” product that delivers an easy to implement solution for a generally complex requirement. Our solution is suitable for nearly any application that requires a full-text or object search with results based on approximation and relevance.

Applications for Fuzzy Search

The Far Point Fuzzy Search solution has a wide spectrum of applications, such as:

• Security / Background Checks
• Government / Motor Vehicle Records
• Medical Records / Prescriptions Data
• Insurance Claims
• International Customer Databases

Even with the overwhelming benefits and wide adaptability potential of a “Fuzzy Search” solution, many businesses have historically not been able to implement this type of feature given its complexity and long processing time necessary to retrieve results. We have solved this issue by utilizing current Microsoft technologies to deliver an accurate, high-speed solution that is adaptable and customizable for use on small to very large data sets.

Implementing Fuzzy Search Solutions

Below are a just a few examples of utilizing a Fuzzy Search solution:

• Name searches: Find similar results on misspelled or hard to spell names
• Image searches: Find similar results for face recognition images or fingerprints
• Ranked searches: Return the “best” results first
• Multiple field searches: Find similar results for fields (i.e. Author, Title, and Contents)

Additionally, many powerful query types are supported including vague criteria searches (e.g. results must begin with “hist” and have at most two differences between it and “historic”), wildcard queries, phrase queries, proximity queries and range queries.

Contact one of the Far Point specialists to find out how your system can benefit from our Fuzzy Search solution.