Far Point Systems' History

Far Point opened our main office in Phoenix, Arizona in 1993, initially providing point of sale terminal programming services to equipment manufacturers and customers in the retail and restaurant industries. Over the years we have expanded our offerings to include a comprehensive range of equipment and services, including Internet based products and scalable, fault-tolerant OLTP server systems. Similarly, we have expanded into other market segments, including petroleum, healthcare, gaming, loyalty and government.

In 2001 we opened our first branch office in Europe, to more easily provide support for our systems on a 24×365 basis. In 2009, we expanded operations with an office in Atlanta, Georgia, increasing our client support and management capabilities.

Far Point has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development of products for Retail Automation and Electronic Banking, and has also developed sophisticated software techniques specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the POS and payment processing industries. This experience and approach to software design uniquely positions us to deliver processing solutions based on tried and tested methodologies in a very reasonable time frame.

In addition to our card processor interface experience, Far Point has extensive knowledge in the areas of POS and ATM network management, credit/debit card operations, smart cards, ECRs and other retail automation systems, and in many other closely related areas.

In the POS world, we have experience in standalone, master-slave and multi-lane environments, as well as low level knowledge of peripheral device control and telecommunications systems, including RS232, RS485, BiSync and poll-select protocols, SNA, TCP-IP, X.25, frame relay and cellular and VSAT interfaces.