About Far Point Systems

A Track Record of Providing Customized Solutions

Far Point has been providing outstanding consultancy and product development services to various transaction processing related industries for more than 18 years.

Since our formation in Phoenix, Arizona in 1993 we have expanded our offerings from POS programming and terminal solutions to include a wide range of services, including Internet-based products and scalable, fault-tolerant OLTP server systems. Similarly, we have ventured into a variety of additional market segments, including petroleum, healthcare, gaming, loyalty and government.

In 2001, we expanded to Europe to more easily provide support for our systems on a 24 x 365 basis, and mostly recently, in 2009, we opened a division office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Far Point has accumulated a depth of knowledge and experience in the development of products that support retail automation and electronic banking, and has also developed sophisticated software techniques specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the POS and payment processing industries. In addition, Far Point’s expertise in building high stress, ultra secure, high volume transaction processing engines has been leveraged into applications for government agencies and healthcare.

The Far Point Philosophy

While we are dedicated to staying on the leading edge of technology advances, nothing overshadows our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that we maintain a strong relationship with our clients. Healthy relationships and happy customers have been the cornerstone of our business model, providing recurring support revenue, additional future project work and referrals leading to new customers. Our entire business is based on our success in ensuring this.

The customer is our number one priority—but don’t take our word for it. Some of the most respected names in the business have trusted their projects to Far Point – because we deliver.